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Are you ready to make a change?

Being heard is an integral part of the human experience. We all report feeling most satisfied, fulfilled, and connected when we have a sense of ownership over our own emotional well-being.

For individuals as well as those in relationships, the path to self-esteem can be complicated. Professional therapy has helped millions of people improve their sense of self-worth, become better communicators, and resolve persistent relationship problems, among other benefits. As a licensed therapist in Washington, I work with a wide range of clients to help them develop the tools they need to succeed in their own lives.

Are you stuck in old patterns?

What’s stopping you from becoming exactly the person you were meant to be? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re standing in your own way? When your ability to handle the inevitable stresses of life becomes depleted, every day can feel like a battle. When willpower isn’t enough, it’s time you turned to a licensed professional therapist.

No two individuals experience exactly the same struggles. From childhood trauma to recurring trouble with authority to family-of-origin issues, your emotional roadblocks are yours and yours alone. It’s important to choose a counselor in the Tri-Cities who treats each client holistically, considering the myriad factors with which we struggle.

Do you have trouble feeling connected?

Relationships with others are one of the greatest joys in this life. For many people, however, relationship dynamics are often fraught with conflict or doubt. Whether you’re involved in a stagnant marriage, a difficult partnership, or simply have trouble connecting with others as an individual, therapy may be able to help.

Therapy techniques exist to help you manage your levels of stress, anger, and even your expectations. If you feel you have reached an impasse, it’s time you sought out a counselor for individuals or couples in the Tri-Cities area who can help you work through this difficult time.

There is hope.

Are you ready to take back control of your life? It has been my pleasure to serve hundreds of clients in the Tri-State for over three decades…how can I help you move forward?

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